I’m Still Here!

Wow! I can’t believe it has been so long since I’ve blogged. If you follow me on Facebook, you know I’m still alive. ūüėÄ Here’s What I’ve Been Doing We took a trip to Northern California to visit family and do the touristy thing in San Francisco. We all had a great time! I made applesauce and cider from about 50 lbs of the 100 lbs of apples I picked in the fall. ¬†The rest of them are in cold storage and I plan on making more applesauce very soon. My husband built me 6 more garden boxes for next … Continue reading

Gardening, Harvesting and Foraging

If you’ve been following my gardening efforts at all, you have read how I turned my backyard flowerbed into a raised garden¬†this year. ¬†Here is the update I wrote about two months later. ¬†Above is a picture of how it looked about three weeks ago. ¬†It seemed to explode almost overnight! ¬†We have had a wonderful late summer/early fall here in the Pacific Northwest. ¬†Little to no rain for 80+ days! ¬†That means we have had an extended harvest, for which I am very grateful because I got started so late in the spring. ¬†Here, let me share what we … Continue reading

Our Backyard Chicken Adventures

I started the GAPS diet last spring and needed to find a source of soy-free, pastured, organic eggs.¬† It is not a requirement of the diet, but clean food is best for optimal healing.¬† A small retail store near my home offered a local, stable supply, but they were very, very expensive. So my dear husband and I began considering getting our own chickens to save on the cost, but we were concerned about keeping them safe because our area has raccoons, possums, coyotes and hawks.¬† After a trip to see some friends who have a few acres, we were … Continue reading