Week 8 on GAPS Intro – Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back


When I started the GAPS Intro diet, I absolutely did not anticipate being on it for two months, especially since I had been on the Full GAPS diet for a year.  I thought for sure my digestive system was in better shape.  I was so wrong.

And then, just when I think I’ve got it figured out, my body throws me a curve ball.  First it was constipation, then came diarrhea.  I don’t know exactly why, but I have my suspicions.  I think it was either the magnesium pills I started taking or some super strong beef bone broth that I was drinking.  I immediately ceased consuming both and my symptoms improved.

Because I wasn’t exactly sure what was causing the watery stools, I went back to Stage 3 so I could slowly introduce foods again.  After a couple days on Stage 3, I introduced some olive oil and then coconut flour. Neither of them bothered me.  Yay!

Today I reintroduced some juice, and my stool loosened a bit.  Tomorrow I will drink a smaller amount to see if it improves.

One helpful thing I discovered this week was whenever I felt my stomach gurgling I drank or ate some cultured dairy.  Before GAPS I used to drink raw milk to combat the gurgling or watery stools, and it usually helped.  Dr. Campbell-McBride, the author of the GAPS book, recommends consuming either yogurt or kefir to help combat diarrhea, so this seems to make sense.


Over the weekend I made some coconut bread.  It started out as a disaster because coconut flour is extremely dry.  I followed the recipe in the GAPS book and the flour just sucked up the three eggs called for in the recipe.  And I didn’t even add the last 1/2 cup of coconut flour!

Over the next 1/2 hour I kept adding moisture, from eggs to melted fats to kefir.  When all was said and done I had used the initial 2 cups of coconut flour, 1/2 cup butter/ghee, 1/2 coconut oil, 1/2 kefir and 12 eggs!  I spread the thick “dough” into a cake pan because I couldn’t find my bread pans.  Fortunately, though, when it was done cooking it was not only edible, but rather tasty.  Finally I have something to spread butter on!

Improving symptoms

I’m a little disappointed it has taken me this long to do Intro, but want to remain positive.  I’ve decided to focus on how my health has improved over the last year, first on Full GAPS and now on Intro.  Here’s my list of improved symptoms.

  • No more vertigo.
  • Improved energy.
  • Stronger. I can lift my cast iron skillet with one hand and no wrist pain!
  • Fibromyalgia pain is nearly gone! I still have a little rib pain and left arm pain.
  • Fewer and less painful headaches.
  • Chronic sinus infections are gone.
  • Hot flashes are now just warm flashes.  :)
  • Knee joint pain is gone.
  • Major fatigue is greatly improved.
  • Weight loss without even trying. I have lost almost 30 lbs so far!
  • Stamina is so much better.
  • Pain and stiffness upon rising is so much better. I almost don’t even notice it!
  • Eyesight and hearing have improved.
  • Heart palpitations are almost gone.
  • Sleep is better, but could use more improvement.
  • I no longer have that feeling that something is horribly wrong with me.
  • Clearer thinking.
  • Improved memory.
  • Not as moody.
  • Shakiness is gone.

Now that is a beautiful list, and I feel as though there is nothing to complain about!  I’m also going to be moving on to Stage 5 in a couple days.  We’re almost done!

If you’ve missed any of my GAPS Intro posts, you can find them here.  There’s still time to sign up for my giveaway!  I’m giving away a copy of “What Can I Eat Now?” by Cara of Health, Home and Happiness.  Giveaway closed.

Are you on the GAPS Intro diet?  If so, have you experienced healing?  What stage are you on?  I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Natalie

    That’s amazing! Thanks for the update!

    • TheUrbanHearth

      You’re welcome, Natalie! I pray you are well.

  • heathnut

    I would guess your problem was the magnesium. I was going along beautifully on intro, and then suddenly had severe diarrhea. I, too, went back on the diet, only to stage 1. Nothing was helping until I remembered that the couple days break I had in the middle of it was after I neglected to take my calcium/magnesium supplement for extreme leg cramps. When I cut back to about a third of the cal/mag supplement, not only did the diarrhea disappear, but the leg cramps also became manageable. I am now starting stage 6 of intro. Yay! (and Thank You, Lord!)

    • TheUrbanHearth

      That was my suspicion, too. Thanks for your comments. I’m so happy to hear you are starting stage 6 and praise the Lord with you!

  • Mary

    That IS a BEA U TI FUL list! PTL! You are doing so good even with all the hiccups along the way but if you think about it 5 weeks is so short compared to what you had lived with for so long. You are healing so well, you go girl!

    Blessings in Him<
    -Mary@ Mary's Little Corner of the Woods

    • TheUrbanHearth

      How encouraging! Thank you, Mary!

  • Madge White

    I really enjoy your blog, and find it particularly helpful as I have fibromyalgia as well. I am in the contemplating stage – trying to decide whether to start intro first or do full gaps for a while and then try intro at some point. I have a number of food intolerances and I haven’t figured them all out. On one of your earlier posts you talked about avoiding oxalates. I hope I don’t have to eliminate nuts, seeds and fruit for long! I’m already gluten, dairy, sulphite and almost sugar free. I eat a lot of nuts as a quick and easy snack. I also eat lots of greens, which are high in oxalates too. If I add oxalates to the things I’m avoiding, I won’t be able to eat much so I may as well do the intro. But I’m afraid of the die off symptoms (particularly as I’m supposed to go back to work in a week and a half after 5 months of leave) so that’s what makes me think I should just do full gaps for now. When did you start probiotics? Did you have to introduce them gradually? Dr. Natasha’s FAQ mentions that people with fibro may have a lot of trouble with die off and should introduce probiotics and fermented foods gradually. Either way, I need to cook up some squash and freeze it for winter, and get cracking on filling the freezer with stock! Keep blogging.

    • TheUrbanHearth

      Hello Madge! I apologize for the delay in responding. We had to go out of town for an emergency business trip and I had no internet for a day and a half. Argh! :) I’m glad you are enjoying my blog. I enjoy writing it and pray it offers encouragement and help. I tend to agree with you that you might be happier doing full GAPS for now, but would like to encourage you not to skip Intro. I started probiotics almost right away with sauerkraut and did have major die off because I didn’t start them slowly enough. I LOVE sauerkraut and pickles and couldn’t help myself. 😀 About oxalate, it is really your call. I found that cutting carrots and celery from my broth made a major difference for me. You might be able to get along with cutting out just the foods high or very high in oxalate or just ignore that part altogether. I did heal somewhat before I knew about oxalate, but it was a key to the fibro pain. Everyone is different. Play it by ear if you can. Many blessings to you. Please keep in touch.

      • Madge White

        Thanks for the tips. I’ll keep oxalates in mind for sure.