Why Bio-Kult May Not Be So Expensive After All


Is a therapeutic probiotic, like Bio-Kult, required on the GAPS diet?  Yes, it is. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride says, on page 253 of the GAPS book, “…probiotic supplementation is absolutely vital for treating any of the GAPS conditions.”

The GAPS diet is all about eliminating foods that irritate the gut lining, eating healing foods and getting good bacteria into your digestive tract. It’s critical to begin to re-populate your digestive system with the “good guys” so they begin to combat the “bad guys.” My gut never showed major signs of healing until I started Bio-Kult.

But it’s so expensive, you might say. Well, let’s take a look at my experience to see how expensive it was for me. Maybe your experience might turn out to be similar.

My Experience Taking Bio-Kult

My first order of Bio-Kult arrived at the beginning of December 2011. I mistakenly thought that since I had been taking a different probiotic for many months I would not have to take it slow as recommended by many more experienced GAPSters on the GAPS Yahoo Group. Because I was so excited to kick off some more healing, I opened the cap, dumped what I thought was a small amount into the palm of my hand and licked it off.

Unfortunately, a very short time later my digestive symptoms started with a vengeance. I barely made it to work that day, and my bowels rumbled and grumbled the entire morning. Despite the fact that I had heard rumors about the strength of Bio-Kult, I was still extremely surprised at how powerful it was.

Radish Seed

The next day I took a much, much smaller amount, about the size of a radish seed, with few or no symptoms and increased the amount slowly over time until I experienced only minor symptoms. Then I kept taking that amount until there were no symptoms. Eventually, I increased the dose a small amount at a time, always monitoring my symptoms and backing off, if needed.

So why do I say Bio-Kult may initially be more affordable? Because you start to take it in such small amounts and increase your dose over time.

Let’s do the Math

My initial outlay was $41.95, shipping included, for 120 capsules. (That would be a 4-month supply if taking one capsule per day, which would cost about $0.35 a day or approximately $10.50 per month.) Because I started so slowly, I eventually increased my dose up to about ½ a capsule a day in 4 months. That is only 22 caps and cost me a grand total of $7.70 which is less than $2.00 per month. Very affordable! When I finally finished my first box, seven months later, my total initial outlay turned out to be only $5.99 per month.  Another way to lower the cost per day is to buy in bulk, but the drawback to doing that is you have to have the money up front.  (As of today’s date, August 8, 2012, the Amazon price for 120 caps of Bio-Kult has gone down by about $5.00 which changes the 4-month supply, if taking one cap per day, to only $8.35!)

Now that I am taking a capsule per day, my second box is going to cost more per month, but it is definitely worth it because I feel so much better. Also, Dr. Campbell-McBride recommends continuing to increase your dose until you are taking several caps per day.  I’m not sure I can afford taking that much, but I will start to increase my dose until I’m taking two or three capsules per day.  Once I start to wean myself off the GAPS diet, I will adjust my dose as I see fit for my needs.

Individual Results May Vary

You’ve heard this one before.  We are all different and will have different results.  In fact, an acquaintance of mine has given a whole Bio-Kult capsule to both of her two young GAPS sons with no symptoms. I am not a doctor, so I cannot say why she had different results than I did. This is my personal experience and I am extremely pleased, not only by the results but also with the initial cost. Hopefully, this information will give you encouragement to also give Bio-Kult a try and increase the benefits of your GAPS diet.

Do you take a therapeutic probiotic? What kind do you take? Do you have some health issues you would like to clear up? Are you interested in the GAPS diet? I look forward to hearing from you.

I am not a doctor and encourage you to discuss this healing protocol with your health care practitioner. Some of my links are affiliate links and help support this blog.  Your privacy is important to me, and I do not sell email addresses.

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  • Carol

    Hi Leola,

    I am wondering if it makes a difference if a probiotic is taken with or
    without the capsule. I had read somewhere that a cellulose capsule will pass
    through the stomach before it dissolves, thus releasing the contents later. I am
    also wondering what part of the bowel these little friends prefer to do their
    work – the small or the large intestine, or do they work in both? I know they do
    not work in the stomach, and the stomach acid might affect them as well. I am
    guessing that we should not be ingesting cellulose while on the Intro diet as it
    is not digestible. I need to do more reading I guess, and my GAPS book came
    yesterday. Perhaps Dr. N.C-M talks about this.

    I am not on a therapeutic dose of probiotics as yet and will wait until I
    start the Intro diet. I currently take a 70 billion dose daily which I order from Dr.
    Mercola. I have compared his formula with Bio-Kult and see that there are five
    strains that are in Bio-Kult that are not in Dr. M’s, and that his has three
    strains that are not in the Bio-Kult. I also have another brand Ultimate Flora
    which contain a different strain as well. So I’m thinking that I will order the
    Bio-Kult and take some of each when I start.

    What do you think Leola – about the difference between having the probiotic
    in a capsule or not?


    • TheUrbanHearth

      Hi Carol!

      Thank you for your questions and comments. I’m sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. The GAPS book states cellulose in supplements is okay. As far as when it is released, the GAPS book is not completely clear. But she does mention that the stomach needs some probiotic supplementation due to low stomach acid. Even if the probiotics die, the dead bacteria will “do a lot of good in the gut.” There is a whole section in the book on probiotics starting on pg. 245. She talks about how to choose a good probiotic. It’s good stuff!

      By the way, I just put a cap of Bio-Kult in water to see when it dissolves. Of course a glass of water does not have stomach acid to help, though. Good question! It started to dissolve within ten minutes, so it probably dissolves in the stomach and moves through to the small intestine. Active cultures are necessary, though, for our entire digestive tract from end to end, so it doesn’t really matter if you use the capsule or not. 😉

      Bacteria in the mouth will help with the ears, nose, sinuses and throat. She covers this on pg. 315 when she discusses using a probiotic regimen to help rid children of chronic ear infections. Bacteria in the stomach helps with low stomach acid and then it goes on to the small intestine to help with things like small intestine bacterial overgrowth and other small intestine conditions, then it moves on the help with conditions of the colon like IBS and Crohn’s.

      Thanks, again, for your good questions! I hope I answered them to your satisfaction.


      • Carol

        I see that the one brand of probiotics I have uses enteric coated capsules, and Dr. Mercola’s uses acid and bile resistant strains of organisms.
        Why would a person open up a capsule? Just in order to take a smaller amount, or to populate higher up in the digestive system? I can see having to do this with little children as they would not be able to swallow a capsule.
        Are you taking less now in the beginning of the Intro Diet than you were taking prior?

        • TheUrbanHearth

          Hi Carol, Good questions! The capsule can be opened for several reasons. To start slowly, to heal a specific body part and some even use them to ferment foods. They really are quite versatile!

  • Carol

    I am surprised that you are taking so little of the Bio-Kult Leola, but understand that one needs to progress slowly. However, once up to a therapeutic dose of 8 to 10 capsules a day for six months, it would be quite pricey, but deemed to be necessary, if I understand correctly.
    I see that Amazon does not sell these directly, so which seller did you buy from? Addtionally I will need to pay for International shipping, duty and border handling fees.

    • TheUrbanHearth

      Yes, I’m just now moving up to two caps per day. I don’t think my budget can afford much more than 3 per day. Also I was going slowly because of the “die off.” It will take longer for me to heal because of this, but I’m okay with that.
      I purchase them from Amazon. I sincerely appreciate your support, Carol, but I don’t want you to have to pay extra. I hope you have a lovely week!

      • Carol

        I have placed my order for Bio-Kult through Amazon, via your web-site Leola. (For some reason the other day, I was under the impression that I needed to buy through other sellers that Amazon lists.) It doesn’t matter who I purchase from as far as getting charged duty goes. I was glad to see that no additional shipping charges were listed and they are cheaper through Amazon than the GAPSdiet website.
        I will be planning to start the Intro diet once these capsules arrive. Taking a 1/4 of a 2 billion CFU capsule seems so miniscule compared to the 70 billion CFU’s of another brand, I am currently taking daily. I guess it is the early stages of the Intro diet that make the difference with experiencing die-off effects, or else it’s the other strains of bacteria in the Bio-Kult formulation, or maybe a combination of both.

        • TheUrbanHearth

          Thank you so much, Carol! You’re a sweetie for doing this. I think I’m going to go back to one capsule, which is what I was at when I started, because my “die-off” is somewhat strong. I’m feeling okay otherwise. I’m hoping to post an update tomorrow so you should have more info!

  • Donna

    Thank you so much for posting your experience. I also suffer from EBV and have had significant reactions to die-off in the past. I am somewhat on the full diet and cannot start the intro diet because I am nursing. Your comments have helped me have a better idea of what I have to look forward to when my baby is old enough for me to start the intro diet. It seems like most people feel significantly better after 3 weeks of the intro diet. I am interested to find out if you will have a point where you feel significantly better since you are moving more slowly.

    • TheUrbanHearth

      Hi Donna! Thank you for your comments. I’m having a pretty good day today and will share the second week’s results in my next post. My best guess is that people who have gone on the Full GAPS diet for a long period might not experience severe die-off during Intro, but some people have such severe health issues they need to do Intro first. Congratulations on your little one!

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