Redesign, Revive, Renew!

Apple trees in our back yard

Apple trees in our back yard

Have I let you down?  I’m sorry if I have.

Maybe you have wondered what I have been doing for the past couple years. I was suffering from writer’s block.


For two years, I didn’t know what to say or what to do with this blog.

But now I’m ready to restart blogging again!  I hope you will rejoin me in this endeavor.

Before I tell you what I will be blogging about, let me tell you a bit about what I have been doing and where I am right now.

Our beautiful beach at Ocean Shores, WA

What I have been doing

In one of my last posts, I wrote that I would be taking a course on adrenal dysfunction.  It was really good, and I learned a lot, but eventually realized it was not the right direction for me and decided to drop it.

A few months later, my husband and I decided to take over the management of our beach house.  We have a vacation home in Ocean Shores, Washington, and it is on the nightly rental market.  Our property manager was not marketing it well, so we took over, and I became the manager/housekeeper.  It was pretty successful, but so far away from our primary home.  I loved taking care of it so others could make wonderful memories at the beach, but the drive there and back was taking its toll on my body.

We moved last summer.  We now live about 15 minutes from our old house in a small, rural town. Our home is on a little less than an acre, and it is almost completely flat.  We are currently creating some raised beds for our garden, have planted a couple apple trees and will be planting more fruit trees and berry bushes in the future. Last week my husband bought a bee hive, and we are looking forward to having our own local honey. Hopefully, this will be our homestead for many years to come.

Our beautiful daughter moved out last year and into an apartment with her best friend.  We are so proud of her, but miss her a lot.  It has been quite the adjustment to get used to, but we are getting there.

Parsley on my kitchen counter at our old house

Where I’m at right now

I have been thinking about restarting my blog since last fall.  I signed up for some blogging classes with Jill Winger, one of my favorite homestead bloggers, which helped to get my juices flowing again.  I wasn’t quite ready to start, though.  I needed to find a property manager for the beach house because I didn’t want to have too many irons in the fire.

Early this spring, a property management company approached me about the beach house. It took a couple months to get everything ironed out, but they finally took over everything last week.  I’m so relieved.

For many years, I have wondered about the secrets of herbs and how they might improve my health. I have been seeing a master herbalist for a couple years and feel so much better. So I will be learning more about herbs and essential oils in the coming months and years and will be sharing my knowledge with you.

Onions, beets & carrots

Onions, beets & carrots

What I will be blogging about

  • I will continue to blog about gut health.  I sincerely believe it is the core of many of our health and mental problems. As Hippocrates says, “All disease begins in the gut.”
  • Herbs and essential oils.  I am convinced herbs can help improve our lives and will be sharing what I learn with you.
  • Gardening.  My first love.  My family used to accuse me of having two green thumbs. :)
  • There might be other things I decide to write about, but the first three will take up the bulk of the blog.


I hope to be blogging at least once a week, if I am able.  I’m also working on redesigning the blog to give it a fresh new look.  Let me know what you think!

I missed you and look forward to reconnecting with you.

Have a fantastic day!

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